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iMYRA is a mobile technology that allows Realtors the opportunity to manage all aspects of their business from one mobile app

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With iMYRA, you can enter your client's information right on the spot.  iMYRA allows you to add notes and personal information for easy searchability later, and will allow you to link to your current CRM or Advertising system.


iMYRA allows the user to upload and edit their transaction documents, and link them to their clients.  With e-sign capability, the user can manage their transactions in one place from start to finish. 


iMYRA offers a unique home evaluation that lets you create and share detailed punch list items and home summaries directly to your clients that include home details, comments, photos, and more.


iMYRA provides an efficient way to manage each client transaction by allowing you to:

Upload Client Information and notes in real time, with the ability to export to your current CRM program. 

Create a real time Home Evaluation report for each property with prepopulated information from your MLS.  

Create a contract notification timeline for each transaction that will notify you of each important date, and provides templated emails to ensure the necessary parties are contacted - keeping you in compliance

Manage all client related documents in one place, from your first listing or buyer presentation to transaction documents to the closing statement

Link to important social media, advertising and CRM programs already in place 

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